Monday to Saturday
12noon to 2pm

Monday to Saturday
5pm to 10pm
91 Cambridge Street, Glasgow. G3 6RU
Tel: 0141 332 9713

Azzurro is the perfect size and setting to host your private function or special occassion. We have catered for retirement and anniversary parties as well as office functions. Please contact us if you require further information.
Freshly baked, thin based pizzas

Pizza Margherita - £6.50
Cheese and tomato

Pizza Peperoni - £8.50
Cheese, tomato and spicy italian sausage

Pizza Funghi (v) - £7.00
Cheese, tomato and mushrooms

Pizza Calabrese - £9.00
Cheese, garlic, italian sausages and chilli peppers (no tomato)

Pizza al Crudo - £9.00
Cheese, tomato and thin slices of parma ham

Pizza Quattro Stagioni - £8.50
Cheese, tomato, mushrooms, artichokes, ham and salami

Pizza Quattro Formaggi - £8.50
Cheese, tomato and a mix of italian cheeses

Pizza Cabana - £7.50
Cheese, tomato, ham and pineapple

Pizza Tonne - £8.00
Cheese, tuna, tomato and red onion

Pizza Con Pollo e Mais - £8.00
Cheese, tomato, chicken and sweetcorn

Pizza Caprese (v) - £8.00
Cheese, tomato, baby mozzarella and basil

Pizza Rustica - £9.00
Cheese, tomato, salsiccia, pepperoni and zucchini

Pizza Verdure (V) - £9.00
Cheese, tomato, asparagus, roast peppers and zucchini

Pizza Calzone - £9.00
Stuffed pizza envelope with cheese, tomato, mushrooms, ham and pepperoni